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This book is one of the best books I’ve read in my entire life. It plays with themes of family, homosexuality, friendship, faith, and complex political and religious issues… if I could pick one book to make every single friend of mine read, it would be this one.

This quote pretty much changed my life:

“I remember my mother telling me that, when she was a little girl in Catholic school, the nuns used to hit her left hand every time she wrote with it. Nowadays, if a teacher did that, she’d probably be arrested for child abuse. The optimist in me wants to believe sexuality will eventually become like handwriting: there’s no right way or wrong way to do it. We’re all just wired differently. It’s also worth nothing that, when you meet someone, you never bother to ask if he’s right- or left- handed. After all: Does it really matter to anyone other than the person holding the pen?”

Read it. Weep. Smile. Laugh. Listen to the soundtrack provided. Open your heart to the characters and you will end up feeling like they are your new best friends. I really hope there is a sequel.

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Book recs

Book Recommendations from Summer 2011!

Book #1: The Last Summer (of You & Me) by Ann Brashares. It is a bit of a tearjerker, smartly written, and also an easy beach read. It’s a good book for women in their 20’s who are somewhere in-between being young and being adults (and if you’re like me, that line gets a bit…blurry). I promise you’ll love it.
Book #2: Sister by Rosamund Lupton. This book has it’s foot in three genres: fiction, mystery, and thriller. I’ve never read a thriller quite this well written or where I got to the end of the book surprised by the “whodunnit”. It’s witty, inventive, smart, and by far the best book I’ve read this summer (and I’ve read over 50!).
I’ll post more as I read more 🙂 What are you reading?
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My name is Melissa. I am trying to insert a picture here, but I have no idea how. I added it, so we’ll just see where it ends up…

Me posing with the cleverly named alligator "Ally"

I’m a 27 year old college graduate from the suburbs of Chicago trying to navigate this crazy, dizzy life. I don’t know why I feel the need to introduce myself to my readers when 1) I probably don’t have any 2) If you know about this blog, you probably already know me 3) It seems sort of creepy.
Why I am starting yet ANOTHER blog I will probably forget to update I have no idea, but here goes.
It took me 20 minutes to name my blog. I thought of all sorts of ideas. Every screen name I’ve ever had has revolved around Counting Crows lyrics, particularly the idea of “this desert life” which is also my favorite album of theirs. Yet some brat had already taken thisdesertlife so, brilliantly, I added my birth year to it. My mom would be proud at my originality and creativity.
So, what do I want to say today? Instead of saying much about me, I’ll impart a quote:
In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. -Albert Camus
It seems appropriate. It is only the end of July and I am already dreading the gradual death that is autumn and winter. I dread the cold, the snow, the increased travel time to work, and worry about how the weather will affect my commute to Chicago for graduate school in the fall. To say that I am seeking to find the invincible summer within me seems like an appropriate way to begin this blog. I hope that writing will help me discover it, and that maybe I can find other bloggers that understand what I am going through in this period of my life… where I am trying to find hope to cling to that the future can actually be a bright, brand new day – and we can help each other along.
That’s all for now. Happy almost Friday 🙂
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