Book recs

Book Recommendations from Summer 2011!

Book #1: The Last Summer (of You & Me) by Ann Brashares. It is a bit of a tearjerker, smartly written, and also an easy beach read. It’s a good book for women in their 20’s who are somewhere in-between being young and being adults (and if you’re like me, that line gets a bit…blurry). I promise you’ll love it.
Book #2: Sister by Rosamund Lupton. This book has it’s foot in three genres: fiction, mystery, and thriller. I’ve never read a thriller quite this well written or where I got to the end of the book surprised by the “whodunnit”. It’s witty, inventive, smart, and by far the best book I’ve read this summer (and I’ve read over 50!).
I’ll post more as I read more 🙂 What are you reading?

About thisdesertlife09

I'm a 27 year old college graduate from the suburbs of Chicago. I'm beginning my graduate degree in Social Work at UIC. I love: Counting Crows. Pit bulls. Indie movies. Quotes. Summer days at the beach. Chick lit. Writing fiction. Dreaming about "someday...". Watching anything that relates to vampires or faraway places (House Hunters International). I use Hoarders and Clean House as motivation to clean. I'm a Democrat. The end :)
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